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Motor parameters:
Motor size: diameter 36 * length 50mm (size and 540 brush size)
Shaft diameter: 3.175mm
Shaft length: 15mm
KV: 4730 / 3930 / 3300KV
Maximum power: 1300W
Maximum speed: voltage * motor KV (no-load speed)
Mounting hole position: 25mm (M3 screw fixing)
Plug: 4MM (can be changed to 3.5MM for free)
Working voltage: 6V-12.5V (2S-3S)
Recommended use of ESC: 80-120A
ESC parameters:
Control mode: forward/brake/reverse or forward/backward
Internal resistance: 0.0006 ohm
Voltage: 2-3S lithium battery
Current: 120A continuous Maximum: 760A
Steering gear parameters:
Product size: 41*20*43mm
Working temperature: 0°C-55°C
Working dead zone: 5us (microseconds)
Weight: 55g
Speed: [email protected]/60° (no load) [email protected]/60° (no load)
Voltage: 4.8V-7.2V
No-load working current: 120mA
Blocking working current: 1450mA
Response pulse width time: ≤5usec
Angle deviation: 0 degree error in return, 45° error ≤ 3° on both sides. 90-360 degrees
Gear: 5-stage metal gear set
Built-in BEC: 5V 3A
Is there overheat protection: yes
Size: 43x36x33mm
Weight: 80g (except wiring)
★ Four-pole rotor design with high torque and high efficiency. The overall efficiency is over 90%;
★The temperature rise is extremely low, the service life is long, and the overload capability is strong. It can meet 95% application without external heat sink or cooling fan.
★The overall use of high-quality materials: high-strength aluminum alloy anodized shell, front and rear cover, high-performance high-temperature magnetic steel (high-temperature use without demagnetization)
★The rotor is fixed by special materials, and there is no burst when the maximum speed is 80,000 rpm.
Package included:
1x Motor
1x Esc
1x Servo
1x Heat sink

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