Electric Hair Blow Dryer Hot Cold Wind Salon

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1. Comfortable Hand-hold Pet Dryer:provides groomers a flexible blow drying solution for pets.
2. Includes a cool setting of 2-speed and 3-temperature:gentle enough for even the shortest hair breeds and skin.
3. Hand-hold design:hands-free operation make this a flexible tool for groomers.
4. Perfect for last-minute fluffing and loose hair clean-ups.
5. Constant temperature: provide faster drying while retaining coat’s moisture and adding luster and shine.
6. Intelligent temperature control technology:the dryer will stop working automatically when the temperature is too high.
Item Type: 
Hair Dryer
Model: XL-3
Size: 245 x 265mm
Air Speed: 2200
Voltage: 220V
Weight: 650g

Package Included:
1 x Hair Dryer


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