Electric Diamond Blackhead Suction

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Technical Specifications:
Machine Material: ABS
Voltage: 220V
Treatment Area: Face
Features and Benefits:
(1)3 Kinds of Diamond Tips: include D150 coarse particles, D180 medium particles and D220 fine particles, can be used to remove dead skin through the way of strengthening the absorption while grinding to clean up.
(2)Big Round Hole Head: large contact area has strong suction intensity to remove blackhead, and have the function of firming skin and V-face.
(3)Small Round Hole Head: Smaller suction intensity to remove blackhead, acne and grease effectively, and to clean the pores.
(4)Oval Hole Head: removing fine wrinkles, suitable for corner of the eyes, nose and mouth.
Diamond Dermabrasion Function:
(1)Make skin activation, repairing and regenerating skin. Remove the pox strongly.
(2)Suitable for acne, acne skin treatment and for dry skin, sagging skin and wrinkle, the stain and dull skin and skin hyperpigmentation treatment. Effectively remove blackheads, acne with super suction and clean pores.
(3)Firm the skin, pulling v face, enhancing the permeability of the skin to make the skin care products into, promoting fibroblasts to produce collagen fibers.
Package Contents:
1 x Diamond Dermabrasion Machine
3 x Diamond Tips
3 x Vacuum Treatment Heads
2 x Filtration Heads
1 x US Plug Power Adapter
1 x Manual


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