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– DIY + Wireless + 433MHz + Independent Set – 
– Stock in July with Pre-sale Price you never meet –

Digoo 433MHz Wireless Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Sensor can be used as Standalone
and also work with DG-HOSA Alram System by APP

Guarding your home every day and night 🙂

Brand Digoo
Name 433MHz Wireless Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Sensor 
125mm x 35mm / 4.9″ x 1.3″
Sensitivity of Smoke ⅡGrade
Emission Distance Open ≥ 120m
Emission Frequency 433MHz 
Decibel  > 85 dB 
Power Supply 9V Battery (Not includes)
Working Temperure -10℃~50℃
Interface Temperatrue of Air  10%-90%RH
Alarm Current ≤ 40MA
Standby Current ≤ 10uA

Digoo DG-HOSA Wireless Smoke Alarm Detector 

– High stability sensor superior performance speed response, no false positives  ( Independent Type Smoke Detector
– Made of fireproof material is resistant to high temperature and impact ( Strong and Sturdy Enclosed Enclosure )
– Suitable for multi-scene alarm, such as home, super market, store, hotel, hospital, etc ( Real Easy & Fast installing for your Daily Need )

Package included :

1 x Digoo  433MHz Wirele ss Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Sensor
1 x Digoo Original Gift Color Packaging 
1 x Digoo 433MHz Wireless Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Sensor User Manual
2 x Digoo Assist Installation Screw
2 x Digoo Wall-in Fixed Rubber Block


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