Copper Tattoo Machine Spring Adjustment Alignment Tool

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Material: Copper
Gross Weight: 199g
Size: 7.8*2*3cm/ 3.1″ X 0.8″ X 1.2″/ L x W x H
Colour: Gold
Function 1: Easily bend the shrapnel to the standard 45 degree angle
Function 2: Adjust the mysterious iron – at three o’clock line
Function one use:
1 will adjust the mouth of the regulator gently pulled up
2 Place the shrapnel in the thread cutting slot
3 left hand pull out the long lever {lever principle} to the left stretch
4 right hand thumb to hold the tiger mouth to the right hard stretch
5 to complete the standard 45 degrees before the shrapnel a molding
Function two use:
1 will be before the mysterious iron bombs screw back together
2 Put the bonnet on the shock ring in the regulator
3 Push the lever into the regulator
4 Tighten the screws with a wrench
5 to complete the standard three-point line Xuan Tie sets of molding
1.It is easy to make the spring bending to 45 degree.
2.It is easy to adjust the armature, front spring,back spring in a straight line.
It is made of copper,wire-cutting finely carved.
Material: copper
Package Includes:
1 x Tattoo Regulator


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