Body Guasha Scraping Massage Therapy Machine Vacuum Suction

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1.Regulating Qi and blood: Through the massage of the meridian, strengthens the human body Qi and blood transformation, promotes the blood circulation.
2. Dredge meridians: Massage body points, soothing body, so that the body meridians dredge, improve sub-health.
3. Physical Fitness: Metal Flower head brushing the body, smooth body, enhance physical.
4. Detoxification and dampness: With appropriate strength, matching the appropriate essential oil, can pass the meridians, so that the toxin waste no longer silted up, discharged in vitro.

Type:Body Scraping Machine
Color: Black+Gold
Input Voltage: 100V-240V  50/60Hz
Output Voltage: 9V
Machine Size: approx.15.6*4.5cm
Package Size:approx.23.5*17.5*7.5cm
Weight:about 942g

Operations Guide:
1. First wipe essential oil or scraping oil,and then put the scraping head on the skin for a few seconds,waiting for the skin to tighten;
2. With the hands of the scraping head of the handle began to slide,if the instrument is too big a little pain,can be adjusted to reduce the suction;
3. Force sliding,across the site began to turn red;
4. Large head scraping and sucking Sha,arms or legs can dredge,to use on the skin surface to a large area operation;
5. Medium scraping and suction head can be used for fever,hand meridian,use the most widely;
6. Trumpet scraping head can be scraping and suction for fever,neck or other small parts;
7. Instrument charging about 40 minutes,can be used for about 3 hours.

Applicable crowd:
– Suitable for long time use the computer, the handset or other electromagnetic radiation kind of equipment person;
– The work rhythm is quicker, the nerve is in the tense condition person for a long time;
– Poor circulation of blood, easy stiffness or pain in waist, shoulder and neck;
– People who are stressed and need to continue to relax and regain their spirits;
– Often insomnia, mental dispirited, need to improve energy and physical strength;
– Low immunity, need to improve the physique of people;
– There is a corresponding disease, need to be assisted treatment.

Cautious use of groups:
1. Bleeding-prone diseases, such as thrombocytopenia, leukemia, Henoch-Schonlein purpura, etc. should not be used to reduce scraping, it is advisable to use the scraping or scraping method. If the bleeding tendency is serious, it should be used temporarily.
2. The new fracture department should not be scraping, the fracture should be healed after the patient can be scraped. Surgical scar should also be two months after local scraping. After the operation of malignant tumor patients,
The scar is part of a cautious scraping.
3. The unexplained mass and the site of malignancy can be scraped around the tumor site.
4. Women in the menstrual period of careful curettage, pregnancy period under the abdomen.

– Use the fat-absorbent head to wash the neutral detergent, disinfection and keep dry.
– In order to prolong the life of the instrument, please ensure that each use time is kept within 30 minutes.
– It is recommended that first-time users experience good strength on the inside of the arm.

Package Included:
1 X Body Scraping Machine
1 X Power Adaptor
3 X Scraping Head (large, medium, small)
1 X Bag Aprons

1. The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.
2. Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data.
3. We will send you a plug adapter according to your living country, not the Voltage Transformer.


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