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1. Newborn (more than 6 Month) training toothbrush, soft bristles take good care of baby teeth and gums.
2. Not only can clean teeth , but also remove plaque and promote blood circulation of the gum.
3. Professional baby tongue scraper: Neonatal rarely clean oral hygiene causing baby tongue filled with a thick tongue coating are prone to infection.
4. Intimate baffle: Safety baffle design,to protect the baby from oral damage when doing deep cleaning.
Item Type: Baby Toothbrush Clean Tool
Material: PP + TPE + Nylon
Color: Pink,Green,Blue
Size: As The Picture
Weight:App. 36g
Method of Use:
1. Before use, please use hot water disinfection, ensure clean;
2. Remove the protective ring, please directly pull upward;
3. Please avoid double deciduous tooth brush our teeth to bite when glue to use.
Package Included:
3 x Baby Toothbrush Clean Tool
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Blue, Green, Pink


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