AUGIENB Magic Silicone Rubber Dish Washing Gloves

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Cleaning Gloves Dishwashing Silicone Gloves Kitchen Semi-permanent Gloves Magic Cleaning Gloves Dishwashing Gloves
1. High temperature resistance: pure silica gel is environmentally friendly, with high temperature resistance of 160 degrees, it can be boiled and boiled, and it is resistant to high temperature and heat insulation.
2. Food grade silica gel: 100% food grade silica gel, no latex allergy, no BPA, tensile deformation, no breakage. Durable and environmentally friendly.
3. Multi-functional kitchen utensils: just hold a pair of magic gloves, can be used for kitchen, dishwashing, fruit and vegetable cleaning, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the bed room, removing the dust from the wardrobe, caring for pet hair, and washing the car.
4. Easy to clean: pure silica gel material, no water absorption, different from sponge traditional dishwashing rag, easy to foam and easy to clean; after use, dry water can be cleaned as new, avoid bacterial growth, improve the cleaning of dishwashing rag degree.
5. Easy to use: glove + dishwashing brush integrated design, no need for a brush for easy cleaning, just like using bare hands, wearable and convenient.
Product Category: Silicone Gloves
Material: Silicone
Thickness: thick
Size: S code
Product size :34.5*15.5cm
Product weight: 260 grams (double)
1* Cleaning gloves (double)
— Keep away from fire sources; avoid direct sunlight after removing water stains; avoid use on sharp objects; use it except for use; be careful to deform due to strong impact.

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