6 In 1 Multiple Beauty Instrument Remove Blackhead Spray

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– 6 in 1 multiple beauty instrument
– Remove blackhead
– Spray lotion
– Mole removal & Point freckle
– High frequency electrotherapy: UV sterilization, accelerate wound healing, eliminate facial spots, acne.
– Ultrasonic importing and exporting
– Physical breast enhancement

1.Model: M-3398
2.Voltage: AC220V
3.Power: 88W
4.Size: 395*245*125mm
5.Weight: 6880g
Package included:

1x Beauty instrument
2x Breast cup
1x Suction and spray tube
2x Cable
2x Spray bottle
2x Probe
1x Freckle pen
1x High frequency grip
6x Glass tube
1x Thick needle
3x Fine needle
1x Filter



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