300ml Professional Hair Ginger Shampoo

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Item Type: Ginger Shampoo
Specifications: 300ml
Shelf life: 3 years
Main ingredients: fresh wild ginger, ginger extract factor, deionized water is, coconut oil,
hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed wheat protein.
Suitable for Hair: hair loss for any improper hair and caused dry. Rough. Static bifurcation rule of law.
Feature: effectively clean the hair, scalp sensitive sectors, oily, itchy, scalp nourishing nutrition,
nourish hair and scalp, repair dry, frizz, static damaged hair and enhance hair elasticity and the tail
of the hair root, the hair smooth, rich, glorious and moving.
Usage: After wetting hair, take the appropriate burst on to oh gentle massage as from the rich foam,
after a few minutes you can rinse dry. Repeat better.
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1 x 
Ginger Shampoo
1. Super Conditioner.
2. Pure wild ginger juice scalp deeply nourish, repair damaged, dry hair frizz, etc.
3. Lock nutrition and moisture.
4. Oil control anti-off.
5. Repair shrinking hair follicles, relieve scalp oil secretion balance, protect the  main component of hair.
6. Restore hair growth features that make hair grow healthy.
7. Depth repair damaged hair, nourishing hair nutrition, oil control to prevent hair  loss, make hair soft
and shiny and easy to comb, refreshing relieve fatigue.


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